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The production method for tomato purees and organic tomatoes

How we protect the soil and produce tomato

Our production method is totally organic.

We respect the lizosphere, the space explored by the roots where one can find the biological life, oxygen, water and everything that interacts with the plant system, and that ensures its best fruits are produced.

We use innovative techniques to safeguard microfauna and useful microflora, to avoid the use of pesticides for the elimination of pathogens.

We use the green manure technique with improving plants, such as legumes and some crucifers, to favor the production of resistance inducers within plants that are useful for self-defense.

We use microorganisms, mycorrhizae and micro algae to enrich the soil microflora and to optimize the availability of macro and micro elements in the soil that live in symbiosis with plants, improving their defensive and productive capacities.

The symbiosis that is established between mycorrhizae and plants brings mutual benefits between plants and microorganisms which result in: thickening of the tissues, enrichment of extractive substances and global improvement of the nutraceutical aspect of the fruits.