Gift box


An elegant box, a casket that contains a mix of our precious tomatoes.
An exclusive gift idea to surprise the people you love or more simply to get creative in the kitchen.

Original gift ideas: organic tomato preserves, tomato puree and plum tomatoes

Organic tomatoes and tomato puree: choose the gift box for you

Are you looking for a gift idea? Discover the gift boxes containing  preserved organic tomatoes and Capobianco Organic Farm tomato sauces.

In this special section of the website dedicated to organic tomatoes and the tomato puree contained in our exclusive gift boxes, you can let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. In fact, you will find different types of tomato preserves and tomato sauces ideal for the preparation of numerous recipes with tomatoes and purées, from the easiest and fastest to the longest and most elaborate. Specifically, you can choose between:

● Salacia, cherry tomato selection natural orange, red and yellow
● Vulcano, selection of tomatoes and organic puree
● Felicitas, a more assorted selection of organic and natural tomatoes and sauces

You can choose between the boxes containing either only different types of organic tomatoes in glass jars, so you just need to open the jar and cook the peeled tomatoes in the pot, or you can choose the boxes containing both tomato puree, and datterini tomatoes, red, yellow and orange.

These are elegant red boxes that reflect the color of our organic tomatoes

Tomato sauces and organic tomatoes for all tastes in a single box

What can I prepare thanks to the Capobianco Organic Farm gift boxes?

You can select different types of tomato puree suitable to prepare sauces for all the recipes and boxes containing organic tomatoes to be cooked in a pot. You can unleash your creativity by using datterini tomatoes and tomato sauce for the same dish. Alternatively, you can also decide to use only tomato puree or only red, yellow or orange datterini tomatoes.


The Gift boxes produced by Capobianco are perfect for surprising those who receive them and are suitable both for those who love to cook and for those who want to prepare quick dishes.


They are valuable gifts. Because our tomato sauces are the result of advanced techniques in the agri-food field and state-of-the-art hand harvesting systems of ours

Why choose the Capobianco farm Gift Boxes: puree and organic tomatoes

Apulian tomatoes Capobianco Organic Farm grow naturally because in the company we aim to protect the soil and the earth. All tomato preserves and the various types of tomatoes contained are the result of a work that always aims to enhance wholesomeness and protect the environment. Our Gift Boxes represent this ecological choice.


Those who receive the Capobianco Gift Boxes as a gift receive not only a product but also an experience. The experience of being able to prepare dishes based on organic tomato preserves grown and processed in Puglia according to the principles of eco-sustainable cultivation.